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AUG 27 2005

Grand Opening ... no really!!
Earlier this year, I announced the "Grand Opening" of www.NewDayMile.com ... well, truth be told, in the tradition of Grand Openings everywhere, there was still a lot of sawdust on the floor, and some of the rooms had nothing but upside-down milk crates to sit on!
However, I stand before you today, saying loud and clear (and without fingers-crossed behind my back) that www.NewDayMile.com is finished, polished, furnished, and varnished ... with nary an "Under Construction" sign in sight!
You can see us, hear us, read about us, and (hint, hint) buy stuff from us, morning, noon, or night ... so what are you waiting for?

JUL 29 2005

Set in Stone!
Until now, we could probably still change our minds and deny that New Day Mile ever existed. Even if you were at a show, we could claim you were drunk, and you're really remembering the video for "Hey Mickey".
But no, we just couldn't leave well enough alone ... now we've gone and made one of those CD thingys, and we've allowed perfect strangers to take them and keep them in their own homes. Plausible deniability is a thing of the past!
Well, the damage is done now, so why don't you go to www.NewDayMile.com and get your own copy ... it will be required later, when you want to join in the class-action suit, which names us as the source of your chronic toe-tapping!

JUN 5 2005

Our little secret is out!
Well, now we've gone and done it ... we've exposed ourselves to the whole world! Well, maybe not the "whole" world, but anyone who was at Buster Daly's last night can tell you what New Day Mile sounds like!
We had a blast, and we're optimistic enough to think that the applause was an indication that at least a few folks liked our particular brand of noise! We shared the stage with Sweet Tooth, whose guitarist/singer Matt is yet another old friend of James' (are you starting to see a pattern here ... yes, it seems that James does, in fact, know everybody!!). Anyway, Sweet Tooth were great, and all-in-all, it was a wonderful way to start our (hopefully long and prosperous) gigging career!
We'll be making noise at Dream Street (2228 Bacon St, in Ocean Beach) on June 8, and if you who find yourself within driving range (no, not "within a driving range" ... no offence intended to the golfers in our audience), we'd love to see you there!
If you're not nearby on June 8 (and/or if you're busy being pelted with golf-balls), check out NewDayMile.com for news of further outbreaks!

APR 18 2005

They seek them here, they seek them there ... they seek bass players everywhere!!
I know I've ranted about this before, but bass-players (or the lack thereof) are the ongoing theme/bane of my life!
Less than a hundred yards into the New Day (get it? ha! ha!), and we were bass-less. It seems that every band I've ever been in has had a low-end drought at least once ... I'm beginning to think that the White Stripes have the right idea!
But wait ... there's good news! James dug up (no, not literally!) another old friend with low end (and all-around-good-guy-ness) to spare. Steve Kerrin joined our ranks this week, and we're back up and running on all four (technically three, but who's counting) cylinders again! Steve has given us a whole new lease on life, and now we're rarin' to go!!!

MAR 29 2005

It has a name!!
Ah, the power of the written word ... in one fell swoop, we jumped from "some guys jamming in a room" to "up and coming San Diego band, New Day Mile"!
Yep, we're New Day Mile now, and we even have a website ... go ahead ... take a guess ... that's right, it's NewDayMile.com
James came up with the name (it's actually the title of one of his songs), and I love the images it conjures ... and no, I'm not going to say what they are. To me, band names are another form of lyrical expression, and I've always been a huge fan of lyrics (poetry, song titles, etc) that don't have any literal meaning, but instead convey a mood / theme / feeling ... all the better if the effect is slightly different for each person. So go ahead, make up your own!

FEB 9 2005

... and speaking of old friends!
I had the good fortune to meet and play with James Brady a few years ago. We were on different paths at the time, but we've stayed in touch through the years ... and now we're making noise together again!
James is starting a new band, with good friend (and very accomplished bass player) Eric Goldy. He asked if I'd be interested ... I thought about it for a second an a half ... and I said YES!
We've had two REALLY good rehearsals, and I have to say that it's a blast playing with such polished players ... and nice guys too!

JAN 24 2005

Top-o-the-mornin' to ya!
Just back from "the auld sod" ( that would be Ireland, for those of you who have never heard my accent! ), where I got to record with one of my favorite "colleens", Milinda Allen ... AND ... I got to visit lots of old friends!
We recorded drum tracks for her forthcoming CD, which is going to be VERY strong (in my completely objective opinion!!). I'll let you know just as soon the "incidental" stuff is done ... you know, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards ... all the fluff <G>

JAN 1 2005

New Year's Resolution
I absolutely, positively, unquestionably, definitely, certainly, inevitably WILL get the RhythmKnowledge DrumSchool up and running this year!!!!
I've had the intro pages posted for what seems like half-a-century, but every time I sit down to work on it, "stuff" comes up! I really shouldn't complain, because most of the "stuff" is music related, and I'm truly fortunate to have had the chance to play with so many great people ... BUT ... it's getting beyond a joke, so class WILL be in session THIS year ... I swear!

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