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DEC 10 2004

Be it ever so humble...
I'll be heading back to "the auld sod" in January, to record some tracks with Milinda Allen, in my old home town (for those of you who are starting to lose count, that would be Limerick, Ireland).
Milinda is a VERY talented artist, who speaks right from the heart, whether the langusge is country or pop! I've done some "cyber-tracks" for her in the past, and I'm SO-O-OO looking forward to working in the same studio ... on the same continent, even!
... and it totally doesn't hurt that I get to visit friends and family at the same time!!

NOV 10 2004

Whew, that was close!!
Got back yesterday from my East coast mini-tour with One of Us ... and TODAY the temperature plummeted over there! Someone is looking out for me!
...because, after all, the weather IS all about me!!
Anyway, I had a blast in Boston, New York, and of course Lexington! It was great to see so many familiar faces in Boston and Lexington ... both New York shows were "debuts" for me, but hey, you can't NOT enjoy New York!
Great big hugs and kisses (in geographical order) to Gina, Courtney, Connie, the 2 Steves, and Jenny ... okay, so maybe the 2 Steves get more of a manly handshake, but you know what I mean!!

SEP 23 2004

Bands may come and go, but Lexington is for ever!!
I've been privileged to be a part of the Midwest Entertainment Conference (with fighting Iris) for each of its first three years, and this November I'll be heading back to Lexington again, this time with One of Us. Head honcho (and soon-to-supercede-Speilberg) Steven Zimmer has been kind enough to invite One of Us to showcase at the conference, so we're making our excuse for a jaunt up and down the Eastern States.
Don't have any specifics yet, but we'll play Lexington on Friday Nov 5. I'll be back with more details, just as soon as the ink has dried!

AUG 11 2004

Sad news this time. (Commander) Rick Altschuer, the elder-statesman of Command Audio, has lost his battle with cancer.
Rick was at the helm when Fighting Iris recorded the "Believe" CD, and his never-ending enthusiasm for all things musical was an inspiration to us. It quickly became apparent that he instilled the same warmth and optimism in everyone around him, and he was truly the heart and soul of the music scene in his beloved Santa Clarita.
You will be missed, Commander!

APR 21 2004

It's deja-vu ... all over again!
I've teamed up with an old partner-in-rhyme, John Creedon. Before leaving Boston for warmer climes, I played in John's band One of Us, and we've decided that you can, in fact, go home again. Not literally, of course, because I'm simply too addicted to San Diego sunshine.
In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "they have the internet on computers now!", and we're taking full advantage of that fact. We'll be cyber-recording for a while, and then I'll fly to Boston for some "actually-in-the-same-room" rehearsal, before we wander aimlessly around the country, playing wherever two or more are gathered ... okay, so it won't be quite as bohemian and romantic as that ... there'll be managers and booking agents and flurries of phone calls and emails, but hey, a tour is a tour is a tour!
I'll resume my written-wramblings as soon as I have some definite dates. The tour will likely be up and down the East coast, but who knows where the wind may blow.

APR 12 2004

Well, they say "this too shall pass" ... and it did!
Fighting Iris had two happy years ... and one a little less so. We parted ways before the good times were forgotten ... and here I am ... drummer at large once again!

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