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NOV 12 2003

I'll be presenting a RhythmKnowledge Workshop at the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference in Lexington, Kentucky.
Here are the details, for those who might find themselves nearby on Saturday Nov 15:
RhythmKnowledge Workshop
Sat Nov 15, 12 noon - 1pm
Patterson Ballroom
Hyatt Regency
401 West High Street
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 253 1234

Have you ever gone to a drum clinic and been completely inspired by the playing you saw ... but you left with the feeling that you probably wouldn't have the opportunity to USE any of the "fancy stuff", because it just wouldn't work in the songs you play with your band?
If you have, then this workshop is specifically designed for YOU!!
I hope to see some of you there!

JUL 25 2003

Well, we made it ... barely!
The latest fighting Iris CD - taxi down the runway - is ready, ju-u-ust in time for our summer tour! The tour, (officially dubbed the runway tour - what a coincidence!!), kicks off at the MOM Festival, in Lousiville, KY.
We leave on Jul 25, and wind our way through way several states (geographical and emotional), only to end up right back where we started on Aug 24 ... no wonder there are so many musician jokes!
Anyway, if you find yourself in any of the cities below at the same time as us, we'd love to see you at a show.
Jul 27 - Louisville, KY - MOM Festival
Jul 29 - Lexington, KY - Varsity Blue
Jul 31 - Lexington, KY - A1A
Aug 1 - Richmond, KY - MF Hooligans
Aug 4 - Atlanta, GA - Somber Reptile
Aug 7 - Cleveland, OH - HiFi Club
Aug 8 - Indianapolis, IN - Midwest Music Summit
Aug 9 - Dekalb, IL - Otto's
Aug 10 - Chicago, IL - Wise Fools Pub
AUg 15 - Dallas, TX - Liquid Lounge
Aug 16 - Ft Worth, TX - Ridglea Theater
Aug 19 - Denver, CO - Ecks Saloon
Aug 20 - Aurora, CO - Iliff Park
Aug 22 - Phoenix, AZ - Hard Rock Cafe
Aug 23 - Las Vegas, NV - Cheyenne Saloon

APR 2 2003

PLUG! PLUG! I've been asked to present a RhythmKnowledge workshop at the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference in November. I'm not for a second claiming to orbit the same rhythmic planet as Mike (Mangini), but the whole point is to show that Rhythm Knowledge can work just as well for "mere mortals".
Most of us play music that absolutely depends on a solid groove to hold the attention of an audience, but that doesn't mean that we have no use for odd-time or polyrhythms. If your band is anywhere in the Pop/Rock/Alternative genre, you'd be amazed at how a little creativity with time and rhythm can really spice up a song, without losing the groove.
If you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood, I'd love to see you there!

FEB 2 2003

As some of you may know, fighting Iris has been semi-bassless for what seems like an eternity (note to Moms and Dads everywhere - if your kids want to be musicians, and you wish they'd choose a "safe" career instead, let them play bass ... they'll NEVER be out of work!).
Anyway, the good ... no, make that GREAT ... news is that we have finally found a bass player of our very own! His name is Derek Niño, and he's so "Iris" it's not even funny.

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