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sometimes i sound like this...

Musically, I'm a product of where I've been, and my journey has been long and twisted. Here are some clips from my favorite "Me" recordings. Try a few; they'll give an idea of what happens when I'm let loose with sticks!!
For obvious reasons, I've chosen clips where the drum parts are an integral part of the mood, and are designed to be noticed. However, I should make it clear that even the most obnoxiously egotistical little voice in my head acknowledges that drums are NOT the featured instrument, most of the time.
The song-clips are in MP3 format, which has become so popular that most computers can play them automatically. If yours doesn't, you can download a free player (WinAmp) HERE.
Just click on Hi Quality or Lo Quality (below each song title) to play the clips (or right-click and select "save as" to download them). Hi Quality (obviously) sounds better, but may take too long if you have a slow internet connection.
If you're a "grit-your-teeth-and-get-it-over-with" type (like me), you can download the whole set in one file. Just right-click on the first link, select "save as", and go knit a sweater.
If you'd rather build a working automobile out of Rice Krispies than sit and wait for files to download, send an email to fd@frankdolan.com and I'll send you a CD.

Anyway, enough already with the computer lessons.
Here's the music ... enjoy!!


Frank Dolan ... Drummer @ Large The Whole Shebang!
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

The complete set ... be the first on your block to have them ... amaze your friends ... horrify your great aunt Edna!!


Terri Bright When the Captain Comes ... Terri Bright
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

This song is about a siege, and a hero who'll save the day. I wanted to set a menacing tone, with a 'lift' at the end. This was not overdubbed - I used 2 remote cable hi-hats (L&R) and a 'regular' hi-hat (L).

Fiction Love Reaches Out ... Fiction
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

The occasional unexpected downbeat, and an odd-time section that doesn't really feel "odd" ... a fair reflection of the vagaries of love ???

SwingTree Somebody's Leaving ... SwingTree
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

Intense, tightly structured bridge-section. The idea was to mess with the time a little at the end of the piece, without losing the drive.

Larry Mitchell Grace ... Larry Mitchell
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

Recorded live at SDSU Open-Air Theater, San Diego. Larry blends rock, hip-hop, and jazz in a very unique way. This stuff is so much fun to play.

Spike Island Down to the Water ... Spike Island
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

Spike Island were a traditional Irish group, who wanted a "rhythm-section" feel ... this is what they got.

One of Us Doing Robert ... One of Us
Hi Quality (Fast Connection)   Lo Quality (Slow Connection)

Darker, electronic groove, with a Cure-ish feel
("Robert" is Robert Smith).