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Sep 30 2009
Attention: DRUMMERS!

The Mile is very sad to be parting with Frank, but he'll be leaving us by the end of the year. Please listen to our music and, should you be so inclined, feel free to reach out to us with a link or contact us about submitting any MP3's you may have.
We are dedicated players and we are looking for nothing less from our new drummer. Do not inquire if music is not one of the forefront passions of your life. We don't want to waste your time and we don't want anyone wasting ours either. We still have songs to write and record, venues to play and dreams to fulfill. Feel free to contact us HERE.
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Sep 18 2009
Frank Dolan to leave New Day Mile

It is with great sadness that we announce that Frank Dolan (drums) is leaving New Day Mile. Future plans for the band are unclear at the moment. The door is open for a new drummer to step-in but Dave & James are very aware of how difficult it will be to find someone capable of filling Frank's shoes. Frank's drumming ability and performances, both on-stage and in the studio, are unmatched in the eyes of his band mates.
Dave: Every time I play with Frank, whether it's at rehearsal or a show, I learn something new. He puts on a drum clinic every time he sits behind the kit and has helped pull more out of me as a bassist. I'm a better player because of him and the thought of playing with anyone else just sucks. My first time seeing him play was in August of 2008 when I was with Sonic Ritual and opened for New Day Mile. I was completely blown away by his ability and presence behind the kit and became a fan of his right then and there. Getting the offer to join the band and play with Frank about eight months later was an honor that I still hold dear, and I've basked in every moment with the band since as I've never felt more confident on stage with another drummer than I do with Frank. If you listen without looking, it sounds like he's playing with four arms. I agree with James: Chuck Norris would get a hernia just trying to air drum to Frank. He's just that damn good.
James: Frank and I formed the Mile in '05 and we are quickly approaching the band's five year anniversary this January. Inside that time, I've found an older brother in Frank. To me, Frank is royalty and is hands down the greatest musician I've ever played with and the most humble. I am a better guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for my time spent working with Frank. His skills as a musician are paralleled by his diplomacy and his ability to diffuse any bad situation by making all parties involved feel agreeable. We may be losing Frank to DC, but his influence, presence and friendship will reverberate through however we choose to move forward. Dave and I are upset to be parting with Frank but we also both feel very blessed with the good fortune of knowing and working with him. I will miss the energy, the camaraderie and that BIG smile behind the kit. To quote Frank: "From here to where? Who knows?"
Be sure to do your best to see Frank playing with New Day Mile at Oceanside Harbor Days this Sunday, September 20th at 3pm.
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Aug 17 2009
SDMA Nomination!!

We've been nominated for a San Diego Music award for "BEST ALTERNATIVE ALBUM" which is very flattering! We're a little blown away! Strange how things happen when you least expect them to!

Jul 7 2009
Metal Monthly talks to James!

James did an online interview with Omar from MetalMonthly.com today. You can hear the many words of wisdom HERE.

Jun 6 2009
King's X... Orange Sky... and us !

After about two months of ranting, raving, posting, texting, marketing, Craigslisting, twittering, Facebooking, Myspacing and updating... The NDM/King's X show was a huge success! We had one hell of a night playing to a PACKED house at Brick by Brick last night with none other than some of our biggest heroes: Kings X! Dreams do come true and wow it was bigger than we could ever have anticipated!
Orange Sky.....one word.....AMAZING! How it's possible to combine Black Sabbath, thrash and reggae is beyond me....but they did it VERY well and blew the place apart. Yes, we had our work cut out for us. What's cooler? Following our set, we were approached by these same guys and the feeling was mutual! They were just as blown away by us as we were by them! Lots of booze, good music and serious dialog between these two camps. You can absolutely count on another show with OS and NDM in the not too distant future!
As for King's X... they brought the house down as always! Hung out with Ty a bit after the show and got a pic or two and gotta say he was a pleasant surprise. Meeting your heroes is sometimes scary and is often dissappointing... not today!
Click HERE for tons of pix of the big night!

May 20 2009
San Diego reader BLURTs about New Day Mile!

Cyber Skullduggery
By Jay Allen Sanford for San Diego Reader :: Blurt
Published Wednesday, May 20, 2009
"Is it really out of line to post your songs for sale on another band's MySpace page?" posits rock trio New Day Mile. "Yes it is!" they say.
Singer-guitarist James Brady is all for self-mediation, but he decries aggressive marketing tactics that rely on one-upping other performers. "A band I won't name pasted their songs for sale into our MySpace comments. We blocked them from doing anything else on our page and deleted the comment. We're open to letting bands we're friends with post flyers, and we do the same on their pages, but posting their songs for sale is just straight-up disrespect."
Despite cyber skullduggery, Brady feels bands need to acknowledge that it's a www world. "I think people have become desensitized to printed flyers.... They're just trashed. I've found the most effective marketing seems to be online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, ilike, MySpace, and email lists. It's time-consuming, so your music suffers, but that's what it takes now.
"It's all DIY. Labels are pretty much over, and you can't even get arrested anywhere anymore if you don't have a draw. Bands have to do it all themselves. Just playing music doesn't cut it."
New Day Mile's most recent EP Damn Strate was recorded locally by Alan Sanderson, who worked on the Stones' Bridges to Babylon album. They appear Friday, May 22, at Radio Room.

Apr 15 2009
Kings X ... yes, you heard me!

If you look at our list of influences, the very first band mentioned is KINGS X. James has never gone an hour without making some kind of reference to this amazing band! Well ... we have the honor of opening up for them on June 4 at Brick by Brick, right here in San Diego! Hit us up for tix because we'll be able to get you a pretty good deal!
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The Mile

Apr 13 2009
NDM welcomes DAVE GARCIA!!

We are very excited to announce DAVE "Almighty" GARCIA as our new bassist in The Mile! Dave has played in many projects around Southern CA over the years and brings with him many MILES of experience! So, say hello to Dave!
Roll, witness and Testify!
The Mile

Apr 12 2009
Jason Sikora exits The Mile...

It's with regret that we report that we have parted ways with our bro and bassist Jason Sikora. To make a long story short, the distance between us in San Diego and Jason in Los Angeles finally took its toll. Jason is a stand up guy who brought a lot of great energy to NDM and we're proud to have worked with him.
Stay Tuned!
The Mile

Mar 31 2009
New Day Mile on Barebones Radio!

We got some love on a new national radio show. Check out our BareBones Radio Clip!
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The Mile

Jan 12 2009
Kickin' off the '09 on cruise control!

First, Happy New year! I know 08 was full of trials and tribulation for everyone and we were not immune. However, the 09 is off to a great start! We've got a show coming up this Friday Jan 16th at The Radio Room, with Deliverance Machine and Ricksha, which should prove fun and we've got some new songs we've finally started working on. They will probably debut later in the quarter.
We also have been getting spun by Missi on rock 105.3 fairly often in the past weeks, so THANK YOU MISSI! KEEP CALLING AND REQUESTING US! :)
James will be going to the NAMM show this week as well, maybe Jason too depending on his schedule so keep your eyes peeled. James will more than likely be there Thurs and Sat. Event planning is in the works so more LA and SD shows on the way for sure!
The Mile

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