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Nov 25 2008
How'd THAT happen??

We here in The Mile are but three humble men who love to play rock n' roll! It's that simple. We average about 40-60 plays M-F and usually go off the radar on weekends. Yes, we watch the counter, we want to know if anyone notices us!
Well, today is a special day. We had a record of 573 plays today. This is by far the most plays we've had here on MySpace since we created our account! Don't know why this happened, but we're glad it did!
The Mile

Oct 28 2008
Request NDM on ROCK 105.3 KIOZ ... pretty please!!

Should you have a phone handy, please call 619-570-1053 and request Between the Guns (from our new CD Damn Strate) on Rock 105.3 WKIOZ! Sunday nights are your best bet, but we'd love to get spun during the week too! Thanks for the love and hope to see some heads out Saturday Nov 1st at the CAT CLUB in Los Angeles!
Madness, respect and cheer
The NDM kidZ!

October 13 2008
Post Viper Room report by James

Wow! Of all the things I thought I would see, I NEVER dreamed that I would see our band name in lights at the Viper Room, but it happened now didn't it! Take a small step, the universe will do the same, to quote my bro Dave from the Bred Dogs. Dave rolled up with me last night and helped out with the CD's n' Stuff!
Sanaz! What can I say, she's electric and she's even MORE electric in person. The girl clearly has deep rooted passion for music. I gotta say I was a little intimidated with her just to the right of the stage. However, this was good because it brought out the best in the group! She was very sweet and has a very positive vibe! Upon meeting her I offered the usual handshake and she reached in with a hug. I think that says everything about her. I'm glad to see someone with her soul at the level she's at. Keep Rockin' it Sanaz.
The staff were all very cool and the soundguys were MILES off the chain awesome! I was floored at how fast they had us up and running and how good everything was sounding in no time! For a sunday night there was pretty freakin' rockin' crowd!
The Mile debuted the strip for it's second LA show. Not too shabby! With any luck, there will be more to come! Thank you Sanaz, Viper Room and all who were there to witness The Mile! Next: The MINT!
Hugs and thanks for reading!

Oct 9 2008
Metal Sanaz Sunday @ The Viper Room Oct 12

Wow! We got invited to play one of Metal Sanaz' events! This is beyond cool! The Mile will be live this Sunday (Oct 12) at the Viper Room for Sanaz Sunday! How did this happen? Don't know, just glad it did!
Roll, witness and Testify!
The NDM kidZ!
PS We will have freshly baked copies of our new CD Damn Strate available for the econofriendly price of just $5 bonez!

Aug 28 2008
NDM article by Bart Mendoza

Bart Mendoza has done a really nice article on us in Beach and Bay Press. If you'd like to read what he has to say, just click HERE.
The NDM kidZ!

Aug 1 2008
2 NEW TUNES from Damn Strate! on MySpace

Well, we went and did it! We uploaded not one, but TWO new songs on MySpace!
Click HERE to listen
MUCH more to come! Stay tuned and drop us a line with any feedback on our new sounds! We're very curious!
Madness, respect and cheer!
The NDM KidZ!

Jul 31 2008

FINALLY! We've just finished our new CD, Damn Strate! with Alan Sanderson at his StrateSound Studios. Alan has worked with everyone from The Rolling Stones to Elvis Costello, and it's safe to say that NDM walked away very pleased with the end result! We look forward to sharing this with everyone!
Damn Strate! will hit the streets AUGUST 30th, with a CD Release Party that night at Brick By Brick in San Diego! More info later on other acts that will be on the bill and more NDM gigs to come!
Roll, witness and TESTIFY!
The NDM KidZ!

May 17 2008
Well, we've been talking and talking ...and talking ...about a new CD!

We do have plans in the works, but life tends to get in the way sometimes. For starters, Our bro Jason Sikora had some personal and family "stuff" that put a bit of a strain on his schedule, which we completely understood and support. Jason is our bro and he knows we have his back no matter what.
Just when thing started to square up with Jason, Frank's father became ill and passed away, so Frank went back to Ireland to say his goodbyes and to help his family. He just returned from Ireland about a week ago and is already fired up to make some noize!
So with that in mind, please come and support NDM at Brick by Brick on Friday June 20th, along with Sonic Ritual, Silent Armada, and Waiting for Decay. The show promises some new NDM tunes and just a celebration of all that is good in life! We'd be happy to meet you if we haven't already and look forward to making a whole lotta NOIZE!
Madness, respect and cheer!
The NDM KidZ!

Mar 5 2008
This time it's Frank'n'James!

The aforementioned spouted off about life, love, and lasagna on the newest, hippest, goshdarned fun-est internet radio show around. Bohemio Radio hosted the delirious duo for their Hard Rock Hour on Mar 5, and you can listen in right now!
The NDM kidZ!

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