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May 11 2007
NDM interview ... wanna hear it?

If you'd like to hear the collective wisdom of James'n'Jason, as featured on IdolRadioBuzz.com last night, just click HERE.
The NDM kidZ!

Apr 26 2007
NDM interview with IdolRadioBuzz.com

NDM will be doing an interview and podcast with IdolRadioBuzz.com on Thursday May 10th at 7:30pm. Please feel free to drop us a line with some questions, commentary or just to say hey on the Dial In Number (646) 915-8974.
The NDM kidZ!

Mar 06 2007
Back from the dead!

Yup! That's what a lot of people were saying! We were dead! Well if I may quote the Joker, "death has been liberating", 'cause we're back and rollin' full throttle mofo's!
Will we have some new tunes? Maybe. We have some in the works, but with the crazy schedules we've barely had enough time to get the set up to speed. We ended 06 on a bit of a down note and rolled in a little sluggish for 07 due to travel, job changes, and maybe needing to just kick back and see where things were headed. Now that things are in focus with Jason, I believe we're onto something pretty cool!
So, what's in store? The only thing I can guarantee is some rock'n'roll and good times!
So, check the show page for details ... and for advance presale tix, drop us a line and we'll be sure to save you a few bonez for beverages!
Madness, respect and Cheer!
The NDM kidZ!

Jan 13 2007
Say Hello...

...to our new bass player, JASON SIKORA!
Jason is in our MySpace Top 8, if you can't wait to meet him!
We found Jason through Mark Evans of Briegade and we'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for helping us expedite our search!
Jason has only jammed with us three times and already has most of the set down. He has even helped revamp a few songs! We're very excited about having him with us and we're looking forward to '07 for more shows and recording!
We should be back out by Spring with some new songs and a few other surprises!
Madness, respect and Cheer!
The NDM KidZ

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