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Dec 24 2006
Say Goodbye...

...To Steve K!
Steve has opted to step off the NDM train and caught a bus rolling to..... anywhere but here I guess!!! The man has a lot on his plate and has plans that we respect. No regrets, and no hard feelings; he's a bro, always will be. Without Steve, NDM would never have gotten off the ground and we're glad to have rolled with him for as long as we did.
NDM will be back in '07 with some new songs and a new bass player to be announced.....
Madness, respect and Cheer!
The NDM KidZ

Jun 11 2006
NDM live review @ IndieTude.com

We didn't know it at the time, but when we played Canes earlier this year, we were being watched!
Well, okay, we knew we were being watched ... it's pretty much the whole point of performing, after all ... but we didn't know that our audience included Jeffrey Seaman, who writes for one of the most respected independent review sites, IndieTude.com.
He had some nice things to say, and of course we'd love to have you read his article, which you can find HERE!
Thank you, IndieTude!
The NDM KidZ

Mar 8 2006
Pause and Play Interview

For reasons that would seem to defy common sense, the folks over at PauseAndPlay.com actually wanted our opinions about music, the band, and our lives so far.
Being the loudmouth braggarts that we are, we were only too happy to oblige, and you can see the result HERE.
Thanks, Pause and Play, for giving the world a glimpse into our tiny minds!
The NDM KidZ

Feb 14 2006
What's up Everyone?

Just a short note here to invite you all out to see us this THURSDAY night, Feb 16! We'll be priming the stage at 7PM sharp!!! Wither, Hard Echo, Damcyan, and Raven White will also be playing.
Be sure to say New Day Mile at the door!
Madness, respect and cheer,
The NDM KidZ!

JAN 30 2006
What's up my NDM children?

Well, it's that time of year, SUPERBOWL madness is upon us and we want to celebrate ... Ok, we're not into football really, but we know you are and we know how to throw a party! So come out to CANES on Wednesday Feb 1st for our PRE-SUPABOWL extravaganza!
The first five heads in the door get a copy of our CD "A weekend with P.R. O' Toole" and it doesn't end there! Print out this page and be among the first three people to give it to James at Canes (before or after the show) and you get into our next show FREE!!!! There will be drink specials, good company and the show kicks off at 8PM so you can even make it home for bedtime!
Don't forget to say New Day Mile at the door!
The NDM KidZ!!!!

JAN 9 2006
What's up everybody!

New Day Mile debut Canes Thursday January 12th and we're looking to bring in some heads to this one. If you've been hearing about us and been meaning to make it out to see us, this is the show to see because we've got an insane set planned for this one!
New Day Mile - 8:20 - 9 p.m.
Half Empty - 9:20 - 10 p.m.
Kavena - 10:20 - 11 p.m.
Don't forget to say New Day Mile at the door!
See you all at the show!
The NDM KidZ!!!!

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