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DEC 23 2005
New Day Mile - Wednesday Special Dec 28

What is this Wednesday night Special?? Well, this time of year induces comas on most mortal wallets, so our friend Joe Troutman decided that he wanted to give something back to the people and has organized a party happening at The Jumping Turtle, featuring:
Raven White 8PM
Wither 9PM
Gimic 11PM

Here's the cool part: NO COVER!!! $3.00 U-Call-It Well drinks, and a great way to close out 2005 and warm up for the Pimp and Ho' New years Bash (See Gimic on that one) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So come out for a few rounds and some slammin' sounds people!

Madness, Respect and CHEER!!!!
The NDM KidZ!!!!

DEC 15 2005
New Day Mile @ The Longshot Fri Dec 16th

Greetings all!
...that's right my NDM children!!!!
We'll be priming the stage for our new found bro's in Thin Will!! These guys have been tearing up NC and San Diego up for a little while as we have and we're thinking this will be an insane marriage of Melody and Mayhem!!
So come out on Friday Dec. 16th and blow off some of that pre-holiday steam at the Longshot with us!! There will be plenty of drink specials and some slammin' music which will leave you talking about the insane weekend you had on Monday!!!!
Come out and witness the insanity for yourselves!!!!

DEC 7 2005
NDM @ The Jumping Turtle THU DEC 8

Greetings all!
Just a short note here to bring to your attention that the benefit gig this Wednesday has been postponed a day to THURSDAY DEC 8th, at the Jumping Turtle in San Marcos, CA. Doors open at 8pm and on the bill are Funktuation, Future Shock and NDM! This is a benefit show for a family that have suffered the worst kind of loss. Their two-year-old who would have just turned three last week was tragically lost in a household fire. They are staying with family until they can get funds together to repair the damage and with the Holidays just around the corner this won't be easy. So come out and make a small contribution of $5.00 at the door for three slammin' bands! You won't get a better deal than that and it's for something WAY more important than a show, it's to help out a family.
Come out and show your support people! 'tis the season, right?

NOV 30 2005
NDM @ The Jumping Turtle WED DEC 7

.....with Future Shock, Funktuation and insanity at it's insanest!!!
Three bands from three different worlds are coming together on this outing for a special cause. A family have endured the unimagineable, they lost a child in a tragic accident at home. They are currently living out of their residence until it can be repaired and they can use a little help with the holidays just around the corner...so the three of us decided to come together and do a benefit gig in which your door cover of just $5.00 will go to the family.
NDM will be debuting two brand spankin' new slam packed jams at this one, so come witness, contribute and experience the electricity for yourselves! 3 BAD ASS BANDS for only $5 bonez! You can't deny this one!
Show Info:
Future Shock 8PM
Funktuation 9PM

OCT 20 2005
NDM @ The BLVD FRI Oct 21

Bring yo' bad selves out to The BLVD in San Marcos and check out New Day Mile tomorrow night at 9PM!!! We'll be breakin' out a few new ones that ROCK and also debut something on the acoustic tip! This will surely be a diverse and dynamic set and this is our first outing at THE BLVD so come on out and witness some madness and cheer in memory of my cousin Steve Florian who passed this week. Our set will be dedicated to his memory. He played a big roll in helping me find my musical voice by introducing me to Led Zep way back when I was about 1/4 my size now!!! No tears, all cheers, this show is a celebration of his life!!!!
God bless you Steve and I'll see you on the otherside Couz!
Come out and bring your best cause we'll be throwin down ours! looking forward to meeting some new friends, and seeing the old ones!
With madness, respect, and Cheer,

SEP 26 2005
NEW DAY MILE @ Dreamstreet THIS WEDNESDAY 9/28!!!!

What's happenin' Everybody?
James from NDM here driving everyone insane with the mad mass newsletters, but the last gig at The JT in San Marcos was for a good cause. Just a heads up, we raised 7 big bones that will be matched along with proceeds from another in-office benefit happening for Stephanie L! I think that's pretty slammin' myself! Godspeed in your recovery Stephanie! We'll have more details and photos surrounding this event soon. Mad props and a shout out to lady love Lori @ Hotwiar for her perpetual generosity!
So, onto business, NEW DAY MILE will be performing in the flesh at DREAMSTREET this WEDNESDAY Sept 28th! We know it's a school night, but showtime is at 8:30 and our set is 35 minutes so no excuses! Come on down and celebrate midweek with us in the newly decorated and remodeled Dreamstreet, you'll have a lot of fun with us, I promise! If you don't believe me, check out the sounds on the music page.
Best and be good

SEP 20 2005
NEW DAY MILE This Wed @ The Jumping Turtle

So, we wrapped up the demo, and laid kinda low. Well, I guess you could say summer is over and so is our VACATION! So, we have several new songs on the backburner and we're ready to put up on the forefront, but more important we have a GIG tomorrow night at the JUMPING TURTLE in San Marcos!
Our gig tomorrow is a benefit gig for fellow employee Stephenie L. who Steve and I work with. She will be undergoing surgery at the beginning of next month, and will need financial support for her and her family while she recuperates for the next coming months into 2006. Also on the bill will be Saturday's Child (ourbandrocks.com) who came to the rescue at the midnight hour and will follow NEW DAY MILE. Showtime is at 9pm sharp. Come and say our name at the door and you'll be contributing to the cause with your cover! Donations of course will be MUCH appreciated as well!
In the meantime, Bassist Steve Kerrin really put the marketing machine to work at the office, so I gotta give him mad props for that. All I did was mention a donation jar and he went completely ballistic and kicked the marketing machine into high gear! So, ultimately, you will be missing one hell of a show tomorrow and for a good cause if you don't come down to the Jumping Turtle! This should be an insanely great party and we want to see EVERYBODY!
Madness and respect

AUG 29 2005
NEW DAY MILE This THURS @ Squid Joe's...

.....and who is the is Joe guy anyway?
So come out and meet Joe along with New Day Mile at Squid Joe's in Carlsbad on Tamarack (just West of the 5) this Thursday Sept 1st at 9:30pm, followed by Junkies and Thieves! New Day Mile surely will be closing the place down or burning it down, but either way it should be interesting! Go to www.squidjoes.com for more info. There is no better way to get a head start on Labor Day Weekend!

AUG 20 2005
NEW (Day Mile) MUSIC!

What's shakin' people?
Been a busy month or so for us in the New Day Mile camp! We've had our hands full playing a few gigs, writing, and doing the "pre-production" thing. We just exited DML studios with a new demo. which came out a bit better than your average demo in our humble opinion, but please judge for yourselves!
So, now the time has come to spread the word about N.D.M. and you are the first!
Hope this finds everyone in a great headspace!

JUL 12 2005
Jumping Turtle

What's shakin' people?
New Day Mile will be performing this FRIDAY JULY 15th @ The Jumping Turtle located in San Marcos. The show is 21+ and the cover is $7.00. Showtime is right around 11pm so you'll have time to warm up before the show with a few rounds!
New Day Mile (NDM) will be hitting the studio at the end of july to cut a few tracks, which by the looks of things could actually turn into an EP, so keep an eye to the sky and an ear to the ground for some new sounds very soon friends!
Best to all and watch out for one another, these are some whacked out times we're living in!
P.S. Our buds in Saturdays Child debut the Kensington Club on the 16th! Check them out at www.ourbandrocks.com

JUN 6 2005
New San Diego Band with some semi-familiar faces!

San Diego, it's been a long time!
I don't want to bore anyone with a term paper so I'll make this short and sweet! I'm blessed with the good fortune to be playing with some pretty slammin cats in a new 3 piece hard rock outfit sportin' the Name "NEW DAY MILE". The band consists of Frank Dolan formerly of Larry Mitchell and a million other people on drums, and I'll just refer you to www.frankdolan.com to check out his background, Steve Kerrin formerly of System Decay/All Else Fades on the bass guitar, and me, James from JUICED/CROWN 10 handling the guitar and vocal duties.
No Cd's for sale, no t-shirts, No music biz hot air hype bullshit, hell, we don't even have stickers! What we do have is a lot of great songs and three guys that can deliver up something you'll be talking about on Thursday morning with a smile. Come down to Dreamstreet this Wednesday, June 8th. I promise that we will make this worth your time.
Much love San Diego, We've all missed you!

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